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Step 1a. Complete Your Counterparty Application

In order to buy and/or sell assets with us, you first have to complete the Counterparty Application below.  It’s simple and fast to fill out.  In addition to filling out the form, you will need a color photo of the front of your Driver’s License and a color Selfie.  The Selfie must include your headshot with you holding a sheet of paper that states: “I Buy Tezos” and the date of the Selfie.  We may also call you at the phone number you provide for a short introduction. Approval usually takes 1 to 3 hours, but can take up to three business days.  We do not process Counterparty Applications on weekends.

Step 1b. Sign Your Counterparty Agreement

Once your Application is approved you will receive our Cryptocurrency Purchase Agreement which establishes our relationship. Please sign this DocuSign agreement. Once it is signed you will be ready to trade.

Step 2. Begin to Trade

You are now ready to buy or sell Tezos (XTZ). You may use dollars (USD), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) or other select altcoins. To open your trade simply begin a Live Chat or Call:
1 (307) 464-3915

Counterparty Application


Assets We Trade

Rank: 1
$5,257.89 -0.64%(24H Vol)
24H Chart
Rank: 2
$171.93 -0.17%(24H Vol)
24H Chart
Bitcoin Cash(BCH)
Rank: 4
$296.88 -4.76%(24H Vol)
24H Chart
Rank: 5
$81.34 0.51%(24H Vol)
24H Chart
Rank: 15
$1.38 4.58%(24H Vol)
24H Chart
Ethereum Classic(ETC)
Rank: 18
$6.26 -0.88%(24H Vol)
24H Chart

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