Frequently Asked Questions

In order to trade with us you must become an approved counterparty which requires the submission of a Counterparty Application. Upon successful completion and approval, we can quote you prices for trades.

We specialize in Tezos (XTZ). Indeed we are the first compliant Trade Desk in The United States that provides service to U.S. Citizens and Residents.

In addition, we trade bitcoin (BTC), litecoin (LTC), bitcoin cash (BCH), and ethereum (ETH). We are open to trades in other digital assets and can price trades in both US dollars and bitcoin.

Trades are funded via wire transfer. If you are buying, you will send us a wire and upon receipt we will send you your asset. If you are selling, you will send us the asset and we will send you a wire transfer.

Prices are generally based on market indexes; however, we also weigh our particular position as well as volatility and liquidity. In order to provide fast clearing and deep liquidity we buy at a discount to spot and sell at a premium over spot.  Spot is determined by an aggregate of major indexes.

As a buyer or seller you get exactly what you are quoted. There are no hidden fees.

In most cases your trade will clear within minutes of our receipt of your funds or digital assets. In rare circumstances, trades may take longer to clear, depending upon time of day, market conditions or other circumstances. In any case, we provide you with ongoing updates as to the status of all your transactions with us.

Trades start at a minimum of $500 USD. This is subject to change without notice.

During business hours, approval usually takes 1 to 3 hours, but can take up to three business days. We do not process applications on weekends.

Currently we cannot serve New York and Washington state residents due to regulations within those jurisdictions. We also cannot serve residents of certain foreign countries where transactions are prohibited by U.S. law.

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Assets We Trade

Rank: 1
$5,243.57 -0.92%(24H Vol)
24H Chart
Rank: 2
$171.55 -0.43%(24H Vol)
24H Chart
Bitcoin Cash(BCH)
Rank: 4
$296.69 -4.92%(24H Vol)
24H Chart
Rank: 5
$81.11 0.19%(24H Vol)
24H Chart
Rank: 15
$1.38 5.68%(24H Vol)
24H Chart
Ethereum Classic(ETC)
Rank: 18
$6.24 -1.23%(24H Vol)
24H Chart

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