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Who We Are

Blackhills Associates LLC, dba iBuyTezos, is a proprietary trading firm that aggressively positions resources to profit from volatility in digital asset markets. We were founded in part to provide liquidity to the Tezos (XTZ) ecosystem. We facilitate direct purchases and sales of XTZ using USD without having to first transact in a crypto such as Bitcoin.

Our operations include a principal-to-principal trade desk that provides two-sided liquidity for both individual and institutional-sized trades. In addition to trading the markets, we contribute to the digital asset community through our investment in innovative startups. We do not provide brokerage, custodial or exchange services. iBuyTezos.com is a joint venture between Blackhills Assocates LLC and The Coin Trading Company, a leading provider of digital asset OTC trading services.

Assets We Trade

Rank: 1
$5,255.37 -0.69%(24H Vol)
24H Chart
Rank: 2
$172.29 0.01%(24H Vol)
24H Chart
Bitcoin Cash(BCH)
Rank: 4
$297.27 -4.67%(24H Vol)
24H Chart
Rank: 5
$81.32 0.47%(24H Vol)
24H Chart
Rank: 15
$1.37 4.69%(24H Vol)
24H Chart
Ethereum Classic(ETC)
Rank: 18
$6.26 -0.94%(24H Vol)
24H Chart

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